Q:  I’m seeking a divorce lawyer for men who can help me stop verbal abuse from my wife, if it’s possible to get legal help for this. After twenty years of marriage, my wife and I are going through a bitter divorce. She has extremely conservative, traditional religious views that have only become more rigid with time, and while she is good with the children, she has always been short-tempered and harsh with me, possibly because I am not religious. We have six kids. I love my children and have been happy to be the breadwinner –  my wife has not worked in decades. I’m hoping a good divorce lawyer for men will be able to control the level of verbal abuse my wife is sending my way and will make sure that I don’t have to pay more for her upkeep than is necessary for my children’s well-being.

She has been telling all the kids that I am a worthless, no-good “sinner” who ran out on the family and that the end of the marriage is all my fault. She is so hateful and disparaging towards me, and I’m worried that her tactics will destroy my relationship with my kids. Things have become ridiculous and now I really need the best divorce lawyer for men available:  my two oldest sons, 15 and 17, say the verbal abuse has gotten much worse. My wife told them that I don’t love them and that is why I left. She also told them that if they maintain a relationship with me, I’ll pollute them with my bad values. How can I stop this nonsense?  I can tell my boys feel caught in the middle. Yes, I moved out. But I am not abandoning my children, and I want them to understand that asking for a divorce does not make me an evil person.

A:You definitely want the best divorce lawyer for men you can find. Verbal abuse directed against a beloved parent can badly traumatize children, especially when the other parent is committing the abuse. Your attorney should file for an injunctive order, specifying that the mother of your children be prohibited from discussing your conduct in the presence of the children, except in a positive manner. Her words can harm both the children and your relationship with them, and must be stopped immediately.

The horrible things your wife says may damage your children’s mental health, so you should consider seeking a therapist to help them cope with this abuse. A good divorce lawyer for men can help your family cope with verbal abuse and its effects by acquainting you with mental health professionals who have experience handling this particular form of domestic violence. Don’t give up hope: in the long run your children should see you are doing something positive by demanding that both you and your children are treated with kindness and respect.

My soon-to-be-ex-wife is telling the children I'm a sinner with bad values.

My soon-to-be-ex-wife is telling the children I’m a sinner with bad values.

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