According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 41 million children go trick-or-treating each year. Maintaining that tradition is a great way for fathers to stay involved in their lives while building memories together.

By supporting the familiar traditions of the holiday, fathers are encouraging consistency and providing an essential piece to the emotional and psychological support every child needs in an engaging way.

Here are some great ideas a father can use before the 31st to ensure that he and his child bond and have a fun and a safe Halloween, too.

Find out what the school is planning. Schools often plan some sort of celebration, be it a parade, snacks, or more. A father should communicate with his child about the festivities beforehand so his child does not feel unprepared.

Get involved the other 30 days of October. From apple picking to corn mazes, there are endless possibilities for a father-child outing. Pumpkin carving or painting provides a platform for both father and child to be creative and collaborate on an idea.

Plan a father-child costume. Taking inspiration from a favorite TV show or toy, Fathers can spend time with their child putting together all the essential pieces for their costume.

Discuss safety with your child. Halloween presents multiple challenges, but as a responsible father you can be prepared. Incorporate reflectors and glow sticks in your child’s costume in order to be seen no matter what time of day. Also, prepare a route for trick-or-treating that includes the homes of neighbors you are familiar with and commonly used pathways and sidewalks.

Some of these ideas will certainly require modification as the child grows older and more independent. What does not change is the opportunity for a father to be a positive role model and play an active role in his child’s life.